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What are the Benefits of Ready Mix Concrete?
03rd November 2017

Ready mix concrete is pre-mixed to suit client requirements and can offer many benefits to your construction project. We discuss the advantages and how the use of ready mix concrete can save you time and money.

Quality Controlled

As ready mix concrete is made to specification and adheres to strict regulations within a mixing plant, you can remain assured that the concrete you are supplied with is of approved and consistent quality. Computerised systems ensure that the correct mixing ratios are met far more accurately than you can mixing by hand.

Time Efficient

Hand mixing concrete takes a lot of time and effort. This is time you could be spent doing other, more productive tasks. The delivery of ready mix concrete to your site cuts down labour hours, especially for larger commercial projects, and is often more economic than paying a workforce to mix concrete by hand. By using concrete pumps and a range of delivery vehicles, ready mix concrete can be delivered to lay sites efficiently and without the unnecessary time and effort.

More Environmentally Friendly

Due to more efficient mixing methods, cement and waste production are kept to a minimum. This is beneficial for the environment, as the production of ready mix concrete at a plant uses less resources and energy. It also reduces dust pollution, as bulk cement is used rather than bagged.


Finally, just because you aren’t mixing it yourself, doesn’t mean you lose the flexibility of choosing your concrete mix. Each order of ready mix concrete is different and specifically tailored to suit each client’s individual requirements. The use of ready mix concrete delivered to your site simply assures that your concrete mix is of only the best professional quality. 

For more information about our ready mix concrete, concrete pumping services and concrete mixes, contact our team today on 0117 958 2090.

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Concrete mixes and their uses
09th November 2017

It is important to get the right concrete mix for your construction project. Though all concrete mixes are composed of largely the same ingredients: water, aggregates, and cement, different concrete mixes contain different additives to promote certain properties and fit certain uses. Some common admixtures are:

  • Set retarding – slows down the rate that concrete sets, useful for laying in high temperatures.
  • Plasticisers – improves workability and flows freely.
  • Accelerating – reduces concrete setting time.
  • Corrosion inhibiting – slows rate of corrosion in reinforcing steel, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Shrinkage reducing – prevents shrinkage and cracking during setting.
  • Fibre reinforced – improves strength.

We manufacture and supply bespoke ready mix concrete to meet all requirements, so have detailed a few common examples of concrete mixes to consider and their uses below.

Regular Concrete

What driveways are often made of, this is the most common concrete mix available and is largely available from stores for personal use. It is mostly used in domestic projects, as it is not as sturdy as high-strength concrete. It usually withstands pressure between 10 MPa to 40 MPa, making it unsuitable for uses that need to handle heavy weight.

High Strength Concrete

Able to withstand pressure greater than 40 MPa, high strength concrete is suitable for use in high-rise buildings, bridges and foundations for its ability to withstand heavy loads. However, high strength concrete mixes can have workability problems, so admixtures, such as plasticisers, often need to be added to get around this.

Light Weight Concrete

As the name suggests, light weight concrete is much lighter than regular concrete, with a density of approximately 105 lbs per cubic foot, compared to regular concrete’s 150 lbs. This is achieved through the use of light weight, course and fine aggregates. It is used to reduce the overall weight of a structure whilst retaining the compressive strength of regular concrete. It also has improved fire resistant properties. 

For more information about our ready mix concrete, concrete pumping services and concrete mixes, contact our team today on 0117 958 2090.

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What are the benefits of concrete pumping?
20th October 2017

What are the benefits of concrete pumping?

Concrete pumping machines are equally effective and economical for small to medium sized construction commercial and residential projects.

  • Boom Pumps
  • Line Pumps

What is a boom pump?

A boom pump uses a remote controlled robotic arm to place concrete where it needs to go. A boom pump can pump concrete at high volumes in an effective and accurate way.

What is a line pump?

A line pump uses flexible or steel hoses which are attached to the outlet of a pump. They are linked together and this results in the concrete being able to direct the concrete wherever it needs to go.

What are the benefits of concrete pumping?

There are many benefits of concrete pumping and this includes:.

Faster concrete placement – How fast the concrete can be poured is an important aspect of any construction job. Using a concrete pumping method means that concrete can be poured at a much faster rate than other pouring methods. With faster placement, the project can move quickly and this will help you stay within your project deadlines.

Less labour intensive – Concrete pumping can help reduce the level of resource that your project may require. Using concrete pumping can help reduce the number of people required on site which in turn will reduce costs. 

Improved quality – With concrete pumping, you can be sure that you will receive a high-quality product that won’t shrink or crack when placed. A more durable product will also mean that there are less on-going maintenance costs too.

Accuracy – By using a method of concrete pumping, you can guarantee a more accurate result. There will be fewer stoppages, delays and in general it will result in a more even and polished finish. Convenience – Overall, concrete pumping is more convenient than more traditional mix and pour methods of transferring concrete.

For more information about our ready mix concrete, concrete pumping services and concrete mixes, contact our team today on 0117 958 2090.

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Wright MiniMix celebrate a win at their annual golf day
13th October 2017

The Wright MiniMix team has returned from our annual golf day triumphant, with a win against Bristol & Bath Concrete.

Following the success of last year’s golf day, over fifty of our clients, contacts and friends joined us at the superb course at The Kendleshire golf course and country club in Bristol, one of the county’s premier golfing locations.

This exciting event took place to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Wright MiniMix – one of the leading providers of ready mix concrete, liquid screed and concrete pumping in the south west of England and Wales. In fact, some of Wright MiniMix’s concrete pumps (including the UK’s largest concrete pump) also made an appearance, much to the delight of those in attendance.

In true competitive spirit, the team - led by MD Len, took to the course to play 18 holes of golf. Whilst Bristol & Bath made an excellent effort, the Wright MiniMix team were the stronger team on the day and took home the coveted trophy.

Len said, “We are delighted to have reached such a significant milestone with Wright MiniMix and what better way than to spend it on the golf course, playing in an exciting tournament against our friends at Bristol & Bath Concrete”

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