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Concrete Shed Base in Bristol


Building a concrete shed base in Bristol


At Wright Minimix, we believe in using and providing the very best concrete mixes for our customers. From DIY projects in the garden to large scale building projects, we provide quality concrete and excellent service to all of our customers. If you’re thinking of building a shed base this summer then we can help. With our experience in the concrete industry, we’re able to reach all industrial and residential locations with one of our versatile pump trucks. To find out more about our concrete shed services, contact us on 0117 958 2090 or read on below to start building your concrete shed base in Bristol.

Preparing your shed base


Putting together a shed base is by no means an easy feat, especially if it’s your first time. It’s not something to be rushed and whether it’s a shed base or concrete base for another structure – patience is key. Before you can begin with pouring concrete mix for your shed base, you must first construct the foundations of your concrete base. This usually requires damp proofing and the excavation of your plot to be longer and wider than the shed base itself. Our range of concrete mix is perfect for all DIY work, including shed base foundations and concrete sheds.

It is essential that the foundations of a concrete base are constructed on firm, solid ground as to ensure the pegs will remain rigid when compacting scalpings. ‘Scalpings’ are small, stone crushed aggregates that support the foundation of your shed base and is something we can supply when delivering your concrete mix. Afer the base area is ready, and the pegs are tightly in place, you can begin putting together the timber framework ready for the concrete mix.

Building a sturdy concrete base


Using tanalised timber formwork, you can begin putting together your above-ground base. The framework is to be placed along the line of pegs, which are then banged into place. This will form your timber shed base which is nearly ready for concrete to be added. Next, take your spirit level and measure around every dimension of your shed foundation – making sure it is completely level. If not properly level, the concrete base could become slanted once set or flow over an uneven side when poured. If you are having any difficulties with your shed foundation, you can contact one of our friendly team for help and advice on next steps.

When you have perfectly aligned your shed foundation, the concrete mix can now be placed within the shed base foundation. Using a high-grade concrete mix is important at this stage.  Working with substandard ready mix concrete or poor slump will leave you with an unsafe shed base that cannot properly support the shed. If you are experienced in laying concrete and are looking for a quality concrete mix, you can use our concrete calculator and call our team for a quote.

Laying the concrete for your concrete base


Placing the concrete within your shed foundation is a two-person task, and can be very tough getting it done on your own. Once your concrete mix is ready to be poured into your shed foundation, apply it evenly until full. Using some spare timber, spread the concrete flat across your shed foundation. Doing this will make your shed base nice and smooth on top and leave it with a professional finish.

Another good practice is to knock two of the timber edges at the same time which will vibrate the concrete into place and ensure there are no small gaps within the shed base. This technique is called ‘tamping’ and is professional practice when building a concrete base. Now that you have tamped your shed foundation and smoothed over the top of the shed base, you can tap around the outside of the timber shed foundation with a claw hammer. This will alleviate any additional air bubbles and gaps within the concrete base.

Thinking of building a shed base or concrete garage?


Our unrivalled reputation within the concrete industry comes from our quality concrete mixes and service excellence. We’re proud to be able to provide a high-grade concrete mix for all types of projects. So if it’s for commercial projects or a DIY shed base, call one of our experienced team today on 0117 958 2090 to find out how we can help with your concrete shed base in Bristol.

For more information about our ready mix concrete, concrete pumping services and concrete mixes, contact our team today on 0117 958 2090.