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10 little known facts about concrete


Strong, resilient, enduring. Concrete is the most popular building material in the world, used to create anything from roads and buildings to sculptures and kitchen countertops. Discover more about this fascinating material with our 10 little known and unusual facts about concrete.

1. Reinforced Concrete: Water and Fire Resistance

Reinforced concrete is not only structurally sound but also boasts unique resistance to water and fire, a rarity among building materials. This resilience makes it an ideal choice for structures requiring longevity and safety.

2. The First Concrete Road in Ohio, USA

The first concrete road, laid in Ohio, USA, in 1893, marked a revolution in road construction. Concrete's exceptional durability makes it the material of choice for roadways, ensuring longevity even under heavy traffic.

3. Concrete in WWII: The UK's Acoustic Mirrors

During the Second World War, the UK leveraged concrete's versatility to construct parabolic acoustic mirrors. These "listening ears" were instrumental in detecting enemy aircraft, showcasing concrete's role beyond conventional construction.

4. Concrete in Home Design

Increasingly, homeowners are embracing concrete for its sleek, modern aesthetic. From polished concrete floors to bespoke kitchen countertops and fireplaces, concrete is redefining interior design.

5. Ancient Concrete Structures: Evidence from 6500BC

Concrete's history dates back to around 6500BC, with ancient structures in Syria and Jordan standing as early testaments to its use. This longevity underscores concrete's enduring appeal through the ages.

6. The Burj Khalifa: A Concrete Marvel

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world's tallest structure at 2,722 feet, is a marvel of concrete engineering. It utilized 330,000m³ of concrete, emphasizing the material's strength and versatility in monumental architecture.

7. Wright Minimix: UK's Largest Concrete Pump Trucks

Weighing in at 45 tonnes, the UK’s largest Axle 6 Section M60 & M62 Meter Carbon Fibre Boom Pumps, with onboard K Tronic Stability control, is capable of delivering 180m³ of concrete an hour.

8. China's Concrete Giant: Daxing International Airport

Beijing's Daxing International Airport, colloquially known as the 'starfish', represents a staggering scale of concrete usage. China's concrete consumption, outpacing that of the United States in the 20th century, highlights the material's global demand.

9. Christ the Redeemer: A Concrete Sculptural Icon

Brazil's iconic Christ the Redeemer statue stands as a testament to concrete's versatility in sculpture. This masterpiece showcases how concrete transcends its utilitarian roots to achieve artistic grandeur.

10. The Pantheon's Dome: An Unreinforced Concrete Structure

The Pantheon in Rome, dating back to 125AD, boasts the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world. Measuring 142 feet in diameter, this architectural wonder exemplifies ancient Roman expertise in concrete construction.

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