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9 Interesting alternative uses for concrete


Concrete is an incredibly popular building material with a huge range of uses other than constructing buildings (though it is great at that). The concrete specialists at Wright Minimix, one of the South’s leading suppliers of quality ready mixed concrete, share their favourite alternative uses for this versatile material. 

The best alternative uses for concrete

Kitchen countertops – as an incredibly hard-wearing material, concrete makes for excellent kitchen countertops. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be all lumpy and bumpy, it can be smoothed and polished to create a unique and attractive finish. 

Fireplaces – a growing choice for modern properties is to have concrete fireplaces. As well as added fire resistance, concrete’s unique texture adds interest and style to any room. 

Tabletops – a tabletop made from polished concrete is a statement piece, ideal for anyone with an eye for alternative design and will certainly provide excellent dinner party conversation. 

Candlesticks – perfect for pairing with your concrete tabletop, candlesticks made from the versatile building material are a fantastic one-of-a-kind accessory for your home.  

Flooring – exposed concrete floors may at first sound unfathomable, but concrete is a practical, highly durable choice for homes that want something a little different. You don’t have to worry about it being chilly on your feet either as concrete screed is the ideal material for underfloor heating installations. 

Staircases – ideal for exposed staircases, concrete provides an attractive contrast to wood or metal frames and you won’t have to worry about wearing carpet away as concrete is so long-lasting. 

Firepits – as concrete is flame resistant, it makes for an excellent material with which to build a firepit, providing you with a warm outdoor spot for chilly summer evenings of cold winter days. 

Flowerpots – concrete flowerpots won’t rot over time, as wooden ones can, and can be decorated with pretty patterns or embellished with ornaments. 

Shelving – ever since grey became one of the most popular colours for decorating our homes, concrete has been used by designers to create modern and stylish items for the home, including concrete shelving. Not only will concrete shelves be on-trend but they’ll last for years and years.

Wright Minimix has an unrivalled reputation for providing the best ready mixed concrete in the South of England and South Wales. So, if you're feeling inspired and need the perfect concrete for your project, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0117 958 2090 and we’ll be happy to help.