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Concrete Calculator and Concrete Estimator by Wright Minimix


How to use the concrete calculator


Measuring the exact amount of concrete mix needed for a job can be an extremely difficult task. Without careful considerations or use of an accurate concrete calculator, you could seriously over-estimate the amount of concrete mix required, and heavily overspend on your concrete cost.

The only information you will need to supply is the dimensions of the area in which you wish to fill with concrete mix. Once you have this information all you need to do is input that information into our concrete calculator! To ensure that you get the most accurate price of concrete, and do not go over budget on your concrete cost, please request a quote or give us a call so we can make sure you’re supplied with the most accurate concrete prices.

Concrete estimator and getting the most accurate price of concrete


There are multiple types of concrete and having the most applicable composition for the required project is essential. When using the concrete calculator, it is measuring the required amount of the most commonly used ‘Portland cement’. If you do require a specific mix of concrete, then contact us to receive a more detailed calculation that best matches your required needs.

For smaller scale projects and jobs, you may only require a smaller amount of concrete. It is still important that you are creating only the required amount of concrete for the project. This will not only minimise the concrete cost but also ensure you are not left with excess concrete mix or powder that will be stored for later use. If stored incorrectly the cement powder or concrete mix’s quality could be compromised and therefore create a poor quality concrete mix.

This also goes for the over-production of concrete, which can often leave you with a large excess of concrete mix that you have no use for. Disposing of this can often be costly, especially when there is no other immediate use for the concrete mix. Whilst there are multiple concrete recycling methods such as gravelling or substitute landscaping, the over production and disposal of concrete mix is likely to increase your project’s concrete prices.

How to get the most out of our concrete calculator


Knowing exactly how much concrete you require for any specific job is difficult. By inputting the dimensions of the area that is to be filled with concrete our concrete calculator can identify how much concrete mix is needed to 0.1 cubic metres. Before using the concrete calculator, please make sure you have the plot dimensions to hand – the measurements you need are the width, depth and length of the plot area. Once you have entered your required dimensions, press ‘calculate’ and our concrete calculator will provide you with the total volume of concrete mix required. Our concrete calculator then gives you your results in cubic metres, with all figures shown rounded up to the nearest 0.1 cubic metre. You can enter your concrete measurements into the concrete calculator for both metric and imperial measurements.

If you have any awkward or difficult to measure plots and are unable to get an accurate reading or measurement, or think that the estimate given to you by our concrete calculator may be inaccurate, please contact one of our dedicated concrete experts who can provide you with best practice on measuring difficult plots. Our expert concrete estimator can also help verify the measurement figures entered when your project requires a custom concrete mix.

Benefits of a concrete mix calculator


The main advantage of using a concrete mix calculator is the relative accuracy of overall concrete cost, depending on concrete prices for your projects. By providing you with an accurate figure of total concrete mix required, you can save a lot of time on working out calculations and changing figures based on project requirements. Our concrete calculator will also help optimise your project’s budget, as you will not have to overspend on any concrete mix and will only have to pay for what you need to use – keeping your concrete costs to their absolute minimum.

To request an instant quote on concrete cost, concrete prices, any queries with your concrete calculator measurements, or to speak with our concrete estimator, please contact us on 0117 911 6931. Alternatively, you can use your concrete calculator and concrete estimator to see how much concrete you will need.

Contact us today regarding all concrete enquiries such as access problems to your site, what you need the concrete for, and any additional information that may be beneficial to our dedicated concrete professionals. One of our professional concrete mix experts will get back to you with a quote and more information on best practice for your project.

For more information about our ready mix concrete, concrete pumping services and concrete mixes, contact our team today on 0117 958 2090.