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Concrete Shed Base in Gloucester


Concrete shed base in Gloucester


If you’re looking for a concrete base for your shed, Wright Minimix can help. We provide concrete delivery for DIY concreting projects in the home and garden, so if you don’t need large volumes of concrete mix for your concrete shed or concrete garage, we can help you out.

We understand access restrictions for residential locations and provide flexible logistics when delivering to difficult access locations. Head over to our concrete calculator page to find out how much concrete mix you require, and contact us on 0117 958 2090 for more information on starting your concrete shed base in Gloucester.

Building a shed base


Building a shed base in time for the summer can be a time-consuming process – especially if you’re restricted to only working on it during the weekends. Constructing the shed foundation prior to pouring concrete often requires damp proofing and digging foundations slightly wider and longer than the base for your shed.

At Wright Minimix we provide DIY concrete for all types of shed base projects. We have a huge range of concrete mixes available and supply ready mix concrete for all applications.

All concrete sheds should be built on firm enough ground to ensure the pegs for foundations sit firmly in place and will not move when compacting scalpings prior to working on your concrete base. Scalpings are made up of crushed aggregates and are something we offer at Wright Minimix alongside our shed base and concrete base services.

Once your base area is ready and the pegs are tightly in place, you are ready to prepare your timber framework for the concrete mix.

Concrete base


Creating an above ground base requires tanalised timber formwork to be laid out along the line of pegs. They are then banged in to hold the timber in place ready for the pouring of cement mix for your concrete base.

Once the timber framework is in place, your shed base is nearly ready for concrete! Using a spirit level, ensure the shed foundation or timber framework for your concrete base is level across all dimensions. If you are having trouble with aligning your timber foundations and need assistance or directions with constructing your shed base, contact one of our concrete experts who can provide professional information on shed bases.

Once your foundations are perfectly in place, you are ready to mix and place the concrete mix into the shed base foundations. It is imperative to have a high-quality concrete mix as a concrete mix that has poor slump may end up eroding or provide insufficient support once hardened.

We offer a large range of concrete mixes for specific projects and provide free, professional quotes on all concrete sheds and concrete garages. If you are experienced in concrete mixing and placement then check out our concrete volume calculator tool where you can measure the exact volume of concrete you'll need for you shed base.

The concrete base for your shed


Completing a concrete shed base on your own is extremely difficult and will require the help of a second person. You have now finished mixing concrete (or have been delivered a batch of high quality ready mix concrete) and are ready to place the concrete mix into the shed base foundations.

Pour evenly across the foundations until full, and using a spare piece of timber, spread the concrete across the top of the shed base foundation. This will allow your concrete base to level out and provide a smooth top to your concrete shed base.

You can also tap together to two ends of the framework at the same time, which vibrates the concrete into place and helps it find its own level – this is referred to as tamping and is an excellent practice in making sure your concrete base is level. Once smooth on top, have a wander around the shed base framework and gently tapping the timber with a claw hammer. This will vibrate out any small air bubbles trapped between the frame and the concrete base.

Building a shed base or concrete garage?


At Wright Minimix there is no job too big or too small. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide prescribed and custom concrete mixes for any and all projects. From large commercial projects to DIY projects in your back garden – our experienced concrete experts can mix and place any of our quality assured concrete mixes. So, if you’re looking to build a new shed base or need a concrete shed base in Gloucester, call us at Wright Minimix today on 0117 958 2090.

For more information about our ready mix concrete, concrete pumping services and concrete mixes, contact our team today on 0117 958 2090.