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How do I ensure that my concrete delivery runs as smoothly as possible?


When working on a construction project, time is money. A fast and efficient concrete delivery service will depend on a number of factors.

Our concrete experts have put together a guide to ensure that your concrete delivery runs as smoothly as possible. Contact us on 0117 958 2090 with any further enquiries regarding our concrete delivery service. 

Choose the right concrete contractor

When organising a concreting project, choosing the right concrete contractor is important. Do your research prior to hiring a concrete contractor, as this will help give you an idea of what the company is like and whether they would be a good supplier of ready mix concrete for you. Look at the company’s experience, a well-established company will have many years’ experience in the industry. Looking at their client testimonials can also help you to decide which concrete contractor to choose.

Choose the right amount of concrete

To ensure that your concrete delivery runs as smoothly as possible, you will need to make sure that you have the right amount of ready mix concrete for your construction project. This will help you to avoid unnecessary delays.

The easiest way to find out the right amount of ready mix concrete you'll need for your domestic or commercial projects is to use a concrete volume calculator. Input the width, length and depth of your construction project and you will be provided with the exact amount of concrete you will require. If you’re still unsure how much ready mix concrete you’ll need, get in touch with one of our professionals.

Prepare for your concrete delivery

Once your construction project gets the go-ahead, you will need to make sure that access to your site is unobstructed to allow the delivery truck to access your lay site. If the delivery truck is unable to get close to the site, alternative ways of transporting the ready mix concrete will need to be arranged such as one of our concrete pumps.

Wright Mini Mix offer delivery trucks and a range of concrete pumps to assist with concrete delivery, including the boomless minipump and our 62m boom pump. We can transport ready mix concrete to even the most challenging construction projects, large or small.

Are you looking for a fast and efficient concrete delivery service? Choose Wright Mini Mix for your construction project! For more information contact our concrete experts today on 0117 958 2090.