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Mixing Concrete – how is ready mix concrete made?


Concrete is made using a combination of cement, water and various aggregates. As the powdered cement is mixed with the water it becomes a paste that coats the aggregates and binds them together. A chemical reaction known as hydration is what causes this paste to harden over a relatively short period of time, resulting in solid and durable concrete.

We have decades of experience developing the highest quality and most suitable concrete mixes for our clients and know exactly what proportions work best. Contact us today for a bespoke concrete mix batched to your exact specifications on 0117 958 2090.

What proportions are used when mixing concrete?

Using the correct proportion of materials when mixing concrete is essential for a high quality result. Under or overdoing a certain material even slightly can completely alter the composition of the concrete and make it less effective.

Typically, the average concrete mix contains 10-15% cement, 60-75% aggregates and 15-20% water. However, there are other additives that can be included when mixing concrete in order to provide greater workability, strength, a quicker curing time, or greater resistance to cracking.

Why is mixing concrete at a plant better than hand mixing?

Whilst concrete mixing by hand isn’t a problem if you only need to cover a small area, you still run the risk of mixing too much or too little concrete, as well as not achieving the correct proportions. Both of these scenarios can result in time wasting, as well as an end result that is not as structurally sound as it should be.

Ready mix concrete prepared at a plant will always be more reliable and of a higher quality than concrete mixed by hand, as not only are the staff highly experienced and know exactly what measurements to include, but also the plant’s specialised machines mix the materials more effectively than can be achieved by hand. 

We have concrete plants in Bristol, Avonmouth, Cheddar and Newport ready to meet your ready mix concrete and screed flooring requirements in the South West and South Wales. Call us today on 0117 958 2090 to discuss your requirements.