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The Benefits of Choosing Professional Concrete Mixes


Whether you think you’ll save time or money, when it comes to mixing concrete, it can be tempting to do it yourself. However, there are many risks associated with DIY concrete so it’s certainly worth considering the many benefits of choosing professional concrete mixes instead. 

Minimise your concrete waste

Suppliers of professional concrete mixes have often worked in the industry for many years so are experts in the amount of concrete you will need for your project. This ensures you don’t waste budget by paying for concrete you won’t use and prevents you from having to deal with disposing of any excess. At Wright Minimix you can use our clever online concrete volume calculator to give you an accurate gauge of how much concrete you will need, and our experts can confirm the volume when you place your order. 

Ensures quality concrete 

Building with the wrong type of concrete can have disastrous and costly consequences, especially if it involves foundations, footings and larger scale projects. Getting the right measurements and consistency is crucial as improperly mixed concrete is more likely to crack, requiring major time and expense to put right. One of the main benefits of choosing professional concrete mixes is the elimination of guesswork and the assurance that the concrete you are using is fit for purpose. 

Save time and effort 

If you do risk making your own concrete, getting the correct mix can take up a lot of your time and effort. You’ll need to research the precise measurements to be sure they’re exactly right for your intended purpose, find a supplier of the ingredients and then ensure you have mixed the concoction to the right texture. Professional concrete mixes on the other hand can be scheduled to arrive on site at the time of your choosing so when you come to need the concrete, you won’t have to wait so you can complete your project faster. 

Professional concrete mixes can come in large Volumes 

Another great benefit of choosing professional concrete mixes is that you can place orders of large amounts that can be delivered to site. At Wrights Minimix we are delighted to be able to supply our customers with professional concrete mixes of various volumes, large or small. We are also proud to have over 45 vehicles in our fleet, from one of the largest concrete pumps in the UK to our very own innovative mini pumps, so we can deliver your concrete straight to where you need it. 

Our unrivalled reputation of excellent high-quality concrete and outstanding customer service makes Wrights Minimix your only choice for the supply of all your professional concrete mixes needs. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us today on 0117 958 2090