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The Many Benefits of Liquid Screed Flooring


Liquid screed is becoming an increasingly popular flooring option for internal areas, but why? We discuss the unmissable benefits of liquid screed flooring.

Easy to install

An attractive benefit of liquid screed for homeowners and DIY jobs is how quick and easy it is to install compared with other screeds. In fact, liquid screed flooring can be installed 10 times faster than sand cement screed! Not only does it require less manpower, it also requires minimal installation equipment other than some prior preparation and a concrete pump, which makes it an excellent hassle-free flooring option.

Best option for underfloor heating

There’s no better way to capitalise on your underfloor heating system than liquid screed flooring. Liquid screed when poured coats the pipes entirely, eliminating air bubbles and maximising conductivity.

Due to the fact that less depth of liquid screed is required when compared with more traditional screeds, heat also has less distance to travel through the floor, meaning that heat is much more effectively transferred throughout the floor.

Levels uneven surfaces

One of the main benefits of liquid screed is that due to its improved flowability and liquid state, it easily reaches the corner of rooms and evens out any bumps on the surface of the floor.

Dries quickly

If you want an internal flooring project done as quickly as possible, then liquid screed is the ideal choice, as liquid screed flooring can handle light foot traffic after just 24 hours!

Reduced chance of cracking

Our Wrightflow liquid screed flooring is specially designed to reduce the risk of cracking and curling, leaving you with an even surface finish each time!

Does liquid screed flooring sound ideal for your project? Our Wrightflow liquid screed is the perfect solution for DIY and commercial concreting projects alike! Get in touch with our team today on 0117 958 2090.