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Types of concrete pump explained


We use two types of concrete pump, boom pumps and boomless minipumps (ground pumps). Both types of concrete pump offer their own unique set of benefits.

A concrete pump can be used for any DIY or commercial project to ensure efficient and straightforward delivery of ready mix concrete or liquid screed, whilst causing minimal hassle and waste.

Hiring a concrete pump can actually help you save money, as it is by far the fastest method of concrete delivery and will allow you to cut down on labour costs you would have otherwise spent for transporting the concrete to your site.

Boomless minipumps (ground line pumps)

If your project site has restricted access, one of our boomless minipumps will be able to navigate it with ease. Boomless minipumps are extremely manoeuvrable and use various connected steel pipes and hoses to discharge concrete both horizontally and vertically, as well as around corners.

When affixed to scaffolding, this concrete pump can pump over 100m vertically and 200m horizontally, which demonstrates its performance capabilities.

As well as reaching areas that are of restricted access, hiring a concrete pump like the minipump is typically a more cost-effective solution than hiring a larger boom pump due to lower running costs.

Boom Pumps

Boom pumps are ideal for large construction sites and multi-storey projects where even a boomless minipump would struggle to access. We have concrete pumps for hire with reaches ranging from 22m all the way to 62m.

Capable of pumping concrete at a rate of 180m3 per hour, our boom pumps make use of a hydraulic arm to reach over buildings, fences and up stairs, ensuring quick and easy concrete delivery.

With a fleet of over 45 vehicles, including concrete pumps of all sizes, Wright Minimix ensure a smooth concrete delivery operation. To find out more about our concrete pumps for hire, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0117 958 2090.