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Why consider hiring a concrete pump?


A concrete pump is a quick and efficient way to get ready mix concrete or liquid screed laid both on time and within budget. Our concrete pumps for hire are suitable for DIY and commercial projects alike and are an excellent choice for sites with restricted access, or that require large quantities of concrete or screed flooring.

Saves time and money

Perfect for projects with strict budget and time constraints, concrete pumping saves you valuable time and manpower that you would otherwise have used transporting the concrete by wheelbarrow or other manual means. By allowing our concrete pump to take care of the delivery directly to your site, you can save yourself a lot of time and therefore money that would have been spent paying for the extra labour on-site, allowing you to divert it elsewhere.

Access difficult lay sites

Transporting concrete to difficult to access lay sites, such as a busy construction site, upper or underground floors, a wooded area, or an overgrown garden, can be a time-consuming and sometimes insurmountable challenge. A concrete pump is unaffected by these obstacles and can deliver ready mix concrete or liquid screed directly to any lay site much more efficiently than you could hope to manually. We not only have the largest boom pump in the UK, capable of a reach of up to 62 metres, but also a boomless minipump, which can tackle those sites that a boom pump can’t access, such as tricky interior jobs.

Less waste

Manually moving ready mix concrete via wheelbarrows will always result in some accidental spillages, or even complete tip-ups, and therefore waste. Concrete pumping eliminates this wastage and saves you the potential hassle of attempting to clean up concrete from where it doesn’t belong. As well as concrete pumps for hire, we also supply ready mix concrete and liquid screed made to your bespoke specifications, so you only pay for what you use!

Are you interested in a hiring a concrete pump for your DIY or commercial project? For more information on our concrete pumps, ready mix concrete and liquid screed, contact us on 0117 958 2090.