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What are the advantages of liquid screed?


There are many benefits to using liquid screed over more traditional methods of traditional sand and cement screed. These advantages particularly apply to the use of floor screed in underfloor heating.

Liquid screed has unique properties that are vital to the effectiveness of underfloor heating. The properties of this unique floor screed allow the effective and efficient transfer of heat from the pipework to the room to where the heat is required. Incorporating liquid screed into your underfloor heating helps increase warm up response times and this in turn will help reduce fuel costs too.

Another advantage of liquid screed is that our Wrightflow screed covers the pipework completely, therefore eliminating any potential gaps of air that could prevent the heat from rising. By utilising liquid screed, you will see a significant improvement of heat transference effectiveness.

Our cement-based liquid screed removes the need to have your floor sealed prior to laying the latex, adhesive or indeed any other cement-based product. Not only can be used on dry areas, but it can also be used on we areas too (as the strength of the liquid screed) is not degraded.

We can provide our unique Wrightflow liquid screed on a supply and lay basis which can be delivered to all areas within the South West of England and South Wales. From Bristol and Bournemouth to Poole and Plymouth to Swindon and Swansea, we have your liquid screed needs covered.  

Our unique liquid screed is designed to achieve optimum results and to be used in not just underfloor heating but for in all aspects of construction, so whether you require liquid screed for a building refurbishment, a new property or any kind of renovation work, you will find that our liquid screed delivers. Contact a member of our friendly team to discuss how we can help you with your liquid screed needs.

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